Cargo Inspections

Cargo Inspections Services

Marine Services Solutions S.A offers a variety of cargo inspection services. We help to protect high-value bulk commodity cargos and reduce the risk of loss.

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When a buyer purchases goods from a seller, the buyer may employ a cargo surveyor to check if the goods are the same as those mentioned in the contract in terms of size, weight, content, etc. This takes place before loading on board of the vessel. We also investigate cargo loss or damage.

Project Cargo Inspections

Inspecting the condition of the cargo and lashings on arrival. Involves keeping watch during the loading/discharge process of the cargo in order to report any casualty, cargo damages, delays etc. Daily preliminary reports and final reports issued.

Cargo Damage

For insurance and shipowners’ liability. Determining the nature and extent of the casualty, and any loss or damage caused.

During the transportation of cargoes, by sea, road or air freight, damage may be suffered as a result of many causes which include deficient cargo handling during loading, discharging or trans-shipment operations, movement or shifting during shipment, or as a consequence of an external event which may occur at any time between despatch and delivery.

Damages to cargo can take the form of minor or superficial defects, or serious deficiencies which can result in the product being completely unsuitable for its intended purpose.

A survey of damaged cargo, competently conducted, strives to uncover the root cause of the damage, and investigate the possibilities for repair or recovery, in order that the cargo may be accepted suitable for use without detriment.

Cargo condition surveys may be carried out at any stage, prior or post shipment, for verification, precautionary or insurance purposes, or to provide an early indication of potential defects which may lead to project delay if undetected.

Cargo Quality Service

Cargo Quality & Quantity

Involves draft surveys, measurement, sampling, weight checks, moisture content, compliance with commercial samples and letter of credit checks.

Pre-Shipment Condition Surveys

This is an important quality control method for checking the quality of goods that a client buys from a supplier before shipment.

This service will include a survey of the packaging and handling.

Container Damage Surveys

Loss prevention surveying packing, stowing, and handling. Loss assessment when damaged or short landed.

Surveying weather tight, cleanliness, free from infestation, free of previous cargo residue, odourless.

Bunker Surveys

In order to exactly determine the quantity of bunker transferred from the barge to the vessel, a bunker survey may be used. This will include a ROB/OBQ (Remaining onboard / Onboard Quantity) to determine the quantities on board the ship on arrival into the port and to know if it reports the quantity onboard, both Fuel Oil and Diesel.  This is included upon request.  Copies of Engine Log Book and Oil Record Book are required.


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